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Regulation Committee

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Information about Regulation Committee

This is a decision making body of the Council, but its powers are limited in the main to dealing with the Council's regulatory responsibilities, principally in the areas of planning control (for example major planning applications for quarry extensions).


The functions of the Council that the Committee has responsibility for are:


§  Local Planning Authority (except any functions reserved to the Council meeting or the Cabinet)

§  Registration of common land and town or village greens

§  The issue of fire certificates under Section 5 of the Fire Precautions Act 1971

§  The approval of premises for the solemnization of marriages

§  The Registration Service and Registrars

§  Making byelaws

§  Assertion and protection of public rights of way



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For further information about Regulation meetings contact Michael Bryant or Scott Wooldridge in Democratic Services on 01823 357628 or 01823 359500