Committee details

Regulation Committee

Purpose of committee

This is a decision making body of the Council, but its powers are limited in the main to dealing with the Council's regulatory responsibilities, principally in the areas of planning control (for example major planning applications for quarry extensions).


The functions of the Council that the Committee has responsibility for are:


§  Local Planning Authority (except any functions reserved to the Council meeting or the Cabinet)

§  Registration of common land and town or village greens

§  The issue of fire certificates under Section 5 of the Fire Precautions Act 1971

§  The approval of premises for the solemnization of marriages

§  The Registration Service and Registrars

§  Making byelaws

§  Assertion and protection of public rights of way


Speaking at the Regulation Committee


At the Chair’s invitation you may ask questions and/or make statements or comments about any matter on the Committee’s agenda. You may also present a petition on any matter within the Committee’s remit. The length of public question time will be no more than 30 minutes in total. A slot for Public Question Time is set aside near the beginning of the meeting, after the minutes of the previous meeting have been signed. However, questions or statements about the matters on the agenda for this meeting will be taken at the time when that matter is considered.


The Chair will usually invite speakers in the following order and each speaker will l have a maximum of 3 minutes:

1. Objectors to the application (including all public, parish council and District Council representatives)

2. Supporters of the application (including all public, parish council and District Council representatives)

3. Agent / Applicant


Where a large number of people are expected to attend the meeting, a representative should be nominated to present the views of a group. If there are a lot of speakers for one item than the public speaking time allocation would usually allow, then the Chair may select a balanced number of speakers reflecting those in support and those objecting to the proposals before the Committee.


Following public question time, the Chair will then invite local County Councillors to address the Committee on matters that relate to their electoral division.


If you wish to speak either in respect of Public Question Time business or another agenda item you must inform Peter Stiles, the Committee Administrator by 5.00pm three clear working days before the meeting: or 01823 357628 (i.e. 5.00pm on the Friday before the meeting). When registering to speak, you will need to provide your name, whether you are making supporting comments or objections and if you are representing a group / organisation e.g. Parish Council. Requests to speak after this deadline will only be accepted at the discretion of the Chair.

You must direct your questions and comments through the Chair.  You may not take direct part in the debate.


Comments made to the Committee should focus on setting out the key issues and we would respectfully request that the same points are not repeated.

The use of presentational aids (e.g. PowerPoint) by the applicant/agent or anyone else wishing to make representations to the Committee will not be permitted at the meeting.


An issue will not be deferred just because you cannot be present for the meeting.


The Chair will decide when public participation is to finish. The Chair also has discretion to vary the public speaking procedures. Remember that the amount of time you speak will be restricted, normally to three minutes only.



For further information about Regulation meetings contact Peter Stiles or Michael Bryant in Democratic Services on 01823 357628 or 01823 359500



Contact information

Support officer: Michael Bryant on 01823 359048. Email:

Postal address:
Democratic Services
County Hall, Taunton

Phone: 01823 357628 or 01823 359500