Meeting attendance

Monday, 29th January, 2024 7.00 pm, Local Community Network - Avalon and The Poldens

Venue:   Tor Sports and Leisure, Street Road, Glastonbury, BA6 9EF

Contact:    LCN Team Email:

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Councillor Bryan Knickerbocker Vice-Chair Present
Kate Hellard Officer In attendance
Councillor Suria Aujla Committee Member Present, as expected, virtual
Councillor Simon Carswell Committee Member Present
Councillor Nick Cottle Committee Member Absent
Councillor Andy Dingwall Committee Member Absent
Councillor Susannah Hart Committee Member Absent
Councillor Mark Healey MBE Committee Member Absent
Councillor Tim Kerley Committee Member Present
Councillor Liz Leyshon Committee Member Present
Councillor Matthew Martin Chair Present
Councillor Harry Munt Committee Member Absent
Councillor Diogo Rodrigues Committee Member Absent
Councillor Heather Shearer Committee Member Present
Councillor Claire Sully Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Alex Wiltshire Committee Member Absent
Councillor Ros Wyke Committee Member Absent
Ashcott Parish Council Public Present
Baltonsborough Parish Council Public Present
Barton St David Parish Council Public Absent
Bawdrip Parish Council Public Absent
Burtle Parish Council Public Absent
Butleigh Parish Council Public Absent
Catcott Parish Council Public Present
Chilton Polden Parish Council Public Absent
Cossington Parish Council Public Present
Edington Parish Council Public Absent
Glastonbury Town Council Public Present
Greinton Parish Meeting Public Absent
Keinton Mandeville Parish Council Public Absent
Kingweston Parish Meeting Public Absent
Meare & Westhay Parish Council Public Present
Moorlinch Parish Meeting Public Absent
Shapwick Parish Council Public Absent
Sharpham Parish Meeting Public Absent
Stawell Parish Council Public Present
Street Parish Council Public Present
Walton Parish Council Public Present
West Bradley Parish Meeting Public Absent
West Pennard Parish Council Public Absent
Helen Bowen Secretary In attendance
Ally Laing Officer In attendance, virtual
Beth Poole Officer In attendance
Emily Window Officer In attendance, virtual
Tom Parkinson Officer In attendance
Nathan Turnbull Officer In attendance