Forthcoming decisions

Use the below search options to find information regarding forthcoming decisions that will be taken by the council’s decision making bodies.

Forthcoming decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Creation of new academies in Somerset: June 202401/02/2024For Determination24/04/2024 FP/24/01/23
Local Stop Smoking Services and Support Grant 2024-203001/04/2024For Determination22/04/2024 FP/24/03/15
Use of Future High Streets Fund - Yeovil01/04/2024For Determination31/05/2024 FP/24/04/15
Gravity Executive Sub-Committee01/04/2024For Determination08/05/2024 FP/24/04/14
Asset Rationalisation programme: Taunton office accommodation01/04/2024For Determination05/06/2024 FP/24/04/13
Expansion of Flexible Plastics Collection Trial01/04/2024For Determination08/07/2024
Household Support Fund 202401/04/2024For Determination15/05/2024 FP/24/04/11
Council Tax Reduction Scheme for 2025/2601/04/2024For Determination04/12/2024 FP/24/04/10
Council Tax Reduction Scheme Review Consultation01/04/2024For Determination03/07/2024 FP/24/04/09
Extension of leisure contract - west01/04/2024For Determination17/05/2024 FP/24/04/08
Update on Waste Collection Contract01/04/2024For Determination08/05/2024 FP/24/04/07
Treasury Management Strategy Report01/04/2024For Determination05/02/2025 FP/24/04/06
Treasury Management Mid Year Report01/04/2024For Determination06/11/2024 FP/24/04/05
Treasury Management End of year report01/04/2024For Determination03/07/2024 FP/24/04/04
Creation of Academies Burton on Sea infants, St Andrews Junior, Lovington Primary, Evercreech, Kilmerdon VA Primary,, Beckington School and Mells School01/04/2024For Determination09/07/2024 FP/24/04/03
Somerset Creation of Academies - Frome Community College Trinity First School01/04/2024For Determination09/05/2024 FP/24/04/02
Medium Term Financial Plan 2025/26 to 2029/30 update01/04/2024For Determination04/09/2024 FP/24/04/01
Q3 Corporate Performance Management Report01/04/2024For Determination01/2025 FP/24/03/20
Q2 Corporate Performance Management Report01/04/2024For Determination11/2024 FP/24/03/19
Q1 Corporate Performance Management Report01/04/2024For Determination09/2024 FP/24/03/18
Q4 Corporate performance management report 2023/202401/04/2024For Determination05/06/2024 FP/24/03/17
IDOX - Consolidation of Planning and Building Control Contracts01/04/2024For Determination24/04/2024 FP/24/03/16
Somerset Council Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act01/04/2024For Determination07/2024 FP/24/03/14
Taunton Waterways Strategy and Guidance01/04/2024For Determination20/06/2024 FP/24/03/13
LCN update and review01/04/2024For Determination08/05/2024 FP/24/03/13
Key Decision Report on Investment Property Disposals01/04/2024For Determination15/04/2024
2024 – 2025 Schools Condition Programme01/04/2024For Determination05/2024 FP/24/03/07
Provision of Discharge to Assess Services - Pathway 1, 2 & 3 and OPMH+; continuation of the current arrangements under a new contract commissioned in line with the requirements of the Provider Selection Regime01/04/2024For Determination08/05/2024 FP/24/03/06
Hackney Carriage Rank Positions in Yeovil06/03/2024For Determination05/06/2024 FP/24/03/03
Somerset Strategic Alcohol and Drug Partnership Annual Report06/03/2024For Determination03/07/2024 FP/24/03/02
Review of the adopted Nexus 25, Taunton Local Development Order (LDO), in accordance with Condition 1.06/03/2024For Determination16/04/2024 FP/24/03/01
2024 - 2025 Corporate Condition Programme01/04/2024For Determination02/05/2024 FP/24/03/08
Digital Switchover for the Somerset Lifeline service15/02/2024For Determination08/05/2024 FP/24/02/04
Review of Coal Orchard, Taunton15/02/2024For Determination03/05/2024 FP/24/02/03
Outsource vehicle maintenance15/02/2024For Determination18/04/2024 FP/24/02/02
Review of Parking Fees and Charges for Financial Year 2024/202526/02/2024For Determination05/2024 FP/24/02/07
Early Years Block - Early Years Single Funding Formula 2024-2501/02/2024For Determination01/05/2024 FP/24/01/24
Allocation of Zero Emission Bus Regional Area (ZEBRA) 2 Funding (if successfully awarded)01/02/2024For Determination03/05/2024 FP/24/01/21
Provision of fuel cards and associated services01/02/2024For Determination10/05/2024 FP/24/01/22
Appointment of Main Contractor at Tonedale Mill01/02/2024For Determination09/2024
Appointment of Design team at Tonedale Mill01/02/2024For Determination06/2024 FP/24/01/17
Appointment of Main Contractor at Toneworks01/02/2024For Determination06/2024 FP/24/01/16
Acquisition and disposals of land at Toneworks and Tonedale Mill01/02/2024For Determination05/2024 FP/24/01/15
Somerset Adult Community Education (ACE) programme - DfE funding for 2024/2501/02/2024For Determination05/2024 Fp/23/01/14
Mendip Local Plan Part II Site Allocations Review - Reg 19 publication version19/01/2024Recommmend Forward to Council20/06/2024
Puriton Neighbourhood Plan to be Made19/01/2024For Determination20/06/2024
Ilminster Neighbourhood Plan to be Made19/01/2024For Determination16/04/2024
Outcome of the review of the Minerals Plan19/01/2024For consultation16/04/2024
Local Transport Plan – draft for consultation19/01/2024For Determination16/04/2024
Kingston St Mary Neighbourhood Plan to be Made19/01/2024For Determination16/04/2024
Octagon Project16/01/2024For Determination08/05/2024 FP/24/01/13
Council Tax Base Approval Report16/01/2024For DeterminationNot before 03/05/2024 FP/24/01/08
A38 Bridgwater Northern Corridor- Dunball Junction Delivery Contract Award and Reallocation of Funds within LUF Programme.19/12/2023For Determination07/2024 FP/24/03/05
Yeovil Town Centre Active Travel Scheme, Phase 1 - Contract Award.19/12/2023For Determination05/2024 FP/23/12/03
Expansion of dining and kitchen facilities at Heathfield, Pyrland & Court Fields Secondary Schools29/11/2023For Determination03/05/2024 FP/23/11/11
Expansion of St Paul's Junior School, Shepton Mallet29/11/2023For Determination05/2024 FP/23/11/12
Award of contract for Stray Dog and Kennelling Service Provision20/11/2023For Determination05/2024 FP/23/11/10
Extension of Parking Enforcement and Associated Services Contract provided by NSL13/11/2023For Determination05/2024 FP/23/11/07
Expansion of Early Years Foundation Unit at Wellsprings Primary School13/11/2023For Determination05/2024 FP/23/11/04
Ash die back Framework procurement01/11/2023For Determination05/2024 FP/23/10/12
Continuation of PAUSE in Somerset26/10/2023For Determination10/05/2024 FP/23/10/08
Public Spaces Protection Orders for Dog Control (Somerset North and Somerset West Areas)12/09/2023For Determination08/05/2024 FP/23/09/04
Refuse and Recycling Container Key Decision Paper05/09/2023For Determination23/04/2024 FP/23/09/01
Licensing Committee Report - Taxi Fares31/08/2023For Determination08/05/2024 FP/23/08/12
Annual Approval as Sole Shareholder of Homes in Sedgemoor11/07/2023For Determination08/2024 FP/23/07/07
Revenue Budget Monitoring Report Qtr 4 (Month 12)16/05/2023For Determination03/07/2024 FP/23/05/06
Allocation of the 2024/25 Dedicated Schools Grant High Needs Block16/05/2023For Determination05/2024 FP/23/05/01
Somerset Cultural Strategy31/03/2023For Determination03/07/2024 FP/22/11/09
Authorisation to award the contract for essential refurbishment works at the Frome Enterprise Centre31/03/2023For Determination05/2024 FP/23/02/16