Register of interests

Councillor Oliver Patrick

This register of interests was published on Monday, 22nd April, 2024, 7.33 pm.

I, Councillor Oliver Patrick a Member of Somerset Council ((the 'Council') give notice that I have set out below under the appropriate headings my interests, and those of my spouse/civil partner (or person with whom I am living as such) of which I am aware, which I am required to declare under the Council's Code of Conduct. These include any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (sections 1 to 5 below) under sections 29 to 31 of the Localism Act 2011 and The Relevant Authorities (Disclosable Pecuniary Interests) Regulations 2012, and I have put 'none' where I/my spouse/civil partner (or person with whom I am living as such) have no such interests under any heading. Section 6 of the form relates to Personal Interests.

1. Please state your employment or business carried out or any Partnerships or Directorships?
Description of your employment activity Name of Employer or Body
Private Tutor and part-time Communications Officer for Sarah Dyke MP Self-Employed
Partner - Doctor - GP Preston Grove, Medical Centre, Yeovil, BA20 1HB
2. Do you receive payments to carry out your duties other than from the Council or towards election expenses?
Name of Person or Body making payments
Yeovil Liberal Democrats - 5 Church Street, Yeovil, BA20 1HB.
Partner - None
3. Do you have any contracts with Somerset Council?
Description of Contract
Partner - None
4. Do you have interests in companies or securities of a body, with premises or land in the County?
Name of Company
Partner - None
5. Do you own, rent, or occupy property or land in Somerset? You must include the land and house you, or your partner, live in.
Address/Description of Land Nature of Interest in Land
King's Gatchell, Higher Street, West Chinnock, Somerset, TA18 7QA. Home address
Partner - King's Gatchell, Higher Street, West Chinnock, Somerset, TA18 7QA. Home Address
6. Do you have any Corporate/Business tenancies where the Council is the Landlord?
Address/Description of Property Nature of Interest in Property
Partner - None
7. Do you have any Licenses to occupy land in the County?
Address/Description of Land
Partner - None
8. Have you been appointed by this Council to Outside Bodies?
Name of Organisation Position
Prowdes Educational Foundation Somerset Council Representative
9. Do you hold membership of other Public Authorities?
Name of Organisation Position
10. Do you hold membership of any body established for charitable purposes?
Name of Organisation Position
11. Do you hold membership of bodies influencing Public Opinion or Policy (including any political party)?
Name of Organisation Position
National Educational Union Associate Member
Yeovil Liberal Democrats Member and Councillor
12. Do you hold membership of Trade Unions or Professional Associations?
Name of Organisation
National Education Union - Associate Member
13. Any other information you wish to declare?
Please enter details below
50 Shares - Norton Sub Hamdon Community Land Trust Limited
5,290 Shares - Ripple Energy Derril Water Solar Park
14. Disclosure of Gifts and Hospitality: The name of any person from whom you have received a gift or hospitality with an estimated value of at least £50 which you have received in your capacity as a member of the Council
Date of receipt of Gift/Hospitality and Name of the Donor Reason and nature of Gift/Hospitality
September 2022 - Peter Davies This gift was made at my request, following a public call for anyone interested in receiving a free air filter kit. The kit included a box fan and four 3M air filters to build a DIY air filter. The completed air filter was then donated by me to an educational establishment in Somerset. Estimated value £200.
October 2022 to present - Various Members of the Public I set up a GoFundMe to raise money to build air filters for distribution to schools in Somerset. Money raised to date: £5586.I have records detailing exactly how this money has been spent - with all proceeds going towards air filters and air monitors.
November 2022 - National Education Union Overnight stay at Mercure Bristol Hotel, where the NEU Health & Safety Executive had invited me to speak at their conference. Value: £145.
November 2022 - Liberal Democrats Winter Ball 2022 ticket gifted by the Liberal Democrats. Value: £250
15. I have read and understood sections 15.1, 15.2 and 15.3 on the original signed version of my Register of Members' Interests Form
Signed Date
Original Document signed 13/4/23