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Special Members Panel


A proposal for a dismissal of an appropriate officer (specified in Part 15 - Officer Employment Procedures/Arrangements, in the Constitution) will be determined by the Council on the recommendation of a Special Members Panel. This will be a Panel of 6 Members appointed by the Leader of the Council (or their nominated representative) and comprising:

(a) The Leader of the Council (or their nominated representative);

(b) The Leader of the largest opposition group (or their nominated representative);

(c) 4 other Members of the Council selected by the Leader of the Council in consultation with the other Group Leaders and in accordance with the rules of political proportionality.


Any question of dismissal on the grounds of redundancy (including voluntary), permanent ill-health or infirmity of mind or body in relation to a Chief Officer shall be determined by the Special Members Panel appointed as specified above with the exception detailed in below.


The exception is where a proposed financial settlement for an officer leaving the Council exceeds £100,000. In these circumstances only Full Council can agree the financial settlement, after consideration by the Special Members Panel.


Any question of disciplinary action in relation to a Chief Officer or the Monitoring Officer shall be determined by the Special Members Panel.


The Special Members Panel, when a proposal is made to dismiss one of these statutory post-holders, shall decide whether there is any justification to the proposal and therefore whether it needs to be investigated. If the decision is that an investigation is necessary the Panel will appoint an investigator. If the investigation confirms a potential dismissal, the Panel will refer the matter to the IP Panel for consideration and report to Council. If the investigation recommends disciplinary action then the Special Members Panel shall consider and decide whether disciplinary action is justified and if so agree any action to be taken.


An Officer who is subject to possible dismissal or other disciplinary action has the right to be informed as to the basis of any action which may be taken and to appear before the relevant Panel prior to a decision being made or before a recommendation is made to Council.


The Officer concerned also has the right to appear before and address the Council before a dismissal is confirmed. The Panels and the Council will be advised by the Monitoring Officer and the Service Director-Workforce. If either of these officers is the subject of the Panel’s report, the Chief Executive will make alternative arrangements for the provision of advice to the Council in place of that Officer.


Further details of the Special Members Panel can be found in Part 15 of the Council’s Constitution, using the weblink below.


Part I5 - Officer Employment Procedure Rules (


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