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Planning Application 2022/1981/FUL Former Bailys Tannery, Beckery Road, Glastonbury, Somerset

To consider an application for the repair and conversion of the former Bailys tannery and leather-working factory into multi-use workspaces.


That planning application 2022/1981/FUL be APPROVED in accordance with the Officer’s recommendation.

Votes – Unanimous in favour



Application for the repair and conversion of the former Baily's tannery and leather-working factory into multi-use workspaces.

The Officer’s Report stated that this application had been referred to the Committee as part of the application site overlapped land which was reserved as a Gypsy and Traveller site and a range of employment uses. As the proposal conflicted with Policy GL5 and represented a departure from the existing adopted Local Plan, it was referred to the Committee.

The application formed part of the Glastonbury Town Deal and related to a site containing two derelict building complexes that were once part of the Baily’s leather works, a large historic industrial complex that included a number of tanneries. They were Grade II listed and on the Council’s Historic Buildings at Risk Register. A parallel listed building application (ref: 2022/1982/LBC) was also under consideration.

The application was supported by a suite of technical reports including a Design and Access Statement, Transport Statement and Travel Plan, Archaeological Impact Assessment, Contaminated Land Risk Assessment, Flood Risk Assessment, Drainage Maintenance Report and Drainage Calculations, Odour Assessment, Odour Sniff Test Report, Ecological Impact Assessment, Bat Mitigation Technical Note, External Lighting Assessment, and a Landscape and Ecological Management Plan.

As this was part of the Glastonbury Town Deal, Glastonbury Town Council had not discussed the application at their Planning Committee.

There had been 2 letters of objection and 1 neutral comment from local residents. There were no objections from any of the statutory or other consultees subject to conditions.

The Officer’s Report concluded that the application met the requirements of the relevant planning policies and was recommended for approval. The proposal would make a significant contribution to the community of Glastonbury. There were clear heritage and public benefits in repairing the listed buildings and bringing them back into use. Furthermore, there were no other issues raised in this report which were not capable of being resolved through the attachment of appropriate conditions and planning obligations for a LEMP and Travel Plan to be secured in a legal agreement.


The Planning Officer explained the application to the Committee with the aid of a PowerPoint presentation.

The Chair then read out a statement from Councillor Liz Leyshon who was unable to attend the meeting in person. Her comments included:

  • Advised she sat on the Glastonbury Town Deal Board.
  • Restoration of the buildings as places of commercial activity and employment would be a huge step forward to improve the economic growth of Glastonbury.
  • The vision to restore the buildings had been an ambition for many years.
  • The adopted highway would lead directly to the entrance for the West car park and there may be parking restrictions put in place to ensure safe access.


In the discussion which followed, Members were supportive of the application and were pleased that the long-awaited restoration of the derelict buildings would be going ahead, if approved. The Chair re-iterated how important this was for Glastonbury and urged the Committee to support the application. Councillor Helen Kay said was very pleased to see the onsite generation of energy, the use of solar panels and the collection of rainwater to flush toilets and proposed to approve the application in accordance with the Officers recommendation. This was seconded by Councillor Martin Dimmery.

On being put to the vote the proposal was carried unanimously.


That planning application 2022/1981/FUL for the repair and conversion of a former tannery and leather-working factory into multi-use workspaces at theformer Bailys Tannery, Beckery Road, Glastonbury be APPROVED in accordance with the Officer’s recommendation.

Voting – Unanimous in favour


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