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Scrutiny Committee - Adults and Health

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Information about Scrutiny Committee - Adults and Health

Every council with an executive management structure has to have an overview and scrutiny function. Somerset Council has appointed five scrutiny committees to perform this function:

·       Adults and Health

·       Children and Families

·       Climate and Place

·       Communities

·       Corporate and Resources


The scrutiny committees each fulfil a check and challenge function for decisions and policies made by the Executive.


Adults and Health

Functional areas that are the responsibility of the Committee cover personal services to individuals as follows:

·       Health & Wellbeing (including Public Health Services)

·       Learning and Physical Disabilities

·       Adult Care & Support Services

·       Community Safety

·       Somerset Armed Forces Community Covenant

·       In addition the Committee considers any referrals made by Healthwatch.


For further details, please see the Constitution or email Democratic Services on