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Networking Opportunity (6.30pm - 7pm)

A chance to meet and greet other members of the Taunton LCN. The Taunton Minster coffee shop will be open to purchase coffee and cake during this time.


Introductions and welcome

To commence at 7pm.


Elect the Chair of the Local Community Network

Only members of the core membership are eligible to be nominated as the Chair. Either the Chair or Vice-Chair of the Local Community Network shall be a Somerset Council Councillor.


Only voting members can make nominations. The nomination must be seconded to be valid.



Somerset Councillor, Dawn Johnson, was nominated by Somerset Councillor, Tom Deakin and seconded by Somerset Councillor, John Hunt.


No other nominations were received, Dawn Johnson was duly elected as Chair for the Taunton Local Community Network.


Elect the Vice Chair of the Local Community Network

Only members of the core membership are eligible to be nominated as the Vice-Chair. Either the Chair or Vice-chair must be a Somerset Councillor.


Only voting members can make nominations. The nomination must be seconded to be valid.



Norton Fitzwarren Parish Councillor, Graham Withnell, was nominated by Somerset Councillor, Dixie Darch and seconded by Somerset Councillor, John Hunt.

No other nominations were received, Graham Withnell was duly elected as Vice-Chair for the Taunton Local Community Network.


Notes from the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 181 KB

To approve the notes from the previous meeting.


Update on Actions from the Previous Meeting

To discuss matters arising from the notes not covered in later agenda items.


Testimonials on the first year of the Taunton LCN


Testimonials were received from:

Lesley Webb Taunton Minster, Church Warden on behalf of the Vicar of Taunton Minster, Tobie Osmond

Andrew Pritchard, Mind in Somerset

Phil Durban. Bishops Lydeard Residents Action Group

Bev Fernades, Taunton Town Council

Tash Scully – Somerset Youth Alliance

The Chair thanked all involved, highlighted the young people work and emphasised the positive impact and achievements, especially for young.


Vicar Tobie Osmond, Taunton Minster, read by Taunton Minster Church Warden, Lesley Webb


Most of my connections and networking have been with the children’s and young people's side of things at the moment, as I cannot make the meetings on a Monday. This being said, I'm looking forward to being able to continue the networking opportunities.


I have been able to put the Police in touch with the Vicar at St Mary's Bridgwater, as the church falls right in the centre of the area where there is the most youth violence in the town and they're beginning to work on a plan.


For the Minister itself it has been an excellent working with Michelle Beck and Jenny Eastwell-Keogh at GoCreate over the town's hosting of the Knife Angel, and what a wonderful experience.


After a meeting where Paul Smith from Bridgwater and Taunton College said that they were looking for projects for some of their students to do, we have come up with a new children's tour of the Minster and a more modern version of our adult's guide and we're hopefully hoping to get these into lots of different languages as well.


One of the Minister’s aims is to be a resource for young people in the town and we are working to convert the old garages from the old vicarage into a space for young people, as always on ancient sites this is just not as easy as we would like it….But it will get built! We will then be able to offer all sorts of agencies that need its space in the very centre of the town - we are very aware of the need. Thank you.


Andrew Pritchard, Mind in Somerset and Connect Somerset


I remember this time last year, I actually zoomed in or teams then watching my son's cricket game, and was amazed that all the different people in the first meeting in the room. I remember we had the little work groups, the breakout rooms and just we were coming up with the different topics, the young people, highways, environment planning, enforcement, flooding, antisocial behaviour.


It's been a brilliant place to network. It's been a brilliant place to have conversations and I think conversations that we've wanted to have in the Taunton community, and it's given us given us that that space, all the different topics. I have to applaud the notes, Pippa, I know I said this earlier, but it just was a delight reading that and seeing all the different things that we've covered and a space for which people can come together.


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Consider the Annual Report on the Taunton LCNs work in the last 12 months.


The Chair introduced the Taunton LCN annual report, highlighting the meeting discussion, priorities, activities and working groups that had taken place in the first year of the Taunton LCN.


The opportunities and sharing of good practice through key speakers and community

Somerset Councillor attendance

Paperwork and provision of notes

Positive exchange connectivity between Parish / Town Councils and aim for equal representation of priorities and wider circulation of information in communities

The positivity of shared success, encouraging and enabling  partnership working

The Chair expressed gratitude to everyone involved in the work of the Taunton LCN, noted the collective achievements through the first year and the ambition to wider share information and increase resident and community participation.


Overview of Highlights from LCNs across Somerset


The Taunton LCN Link Officer, Pippa Hughes introduced, by use of PowerPoint presentation, the highlights of the Taunton LCN, including:

Young Peoples Working Group – Chair Bev Fernades


Civil contingency and flooding


The welcome, information, support and advice for producing Civil contingency plans for Parish Councils

Useful information on biodiversity and looking after green spaces:

Complying with the biodiversity duty - GOV.UK (


Consider the priorities and areas of focus for the LCN for the next 12 months. What are your priorities?


The Chair invited comments from all present, with a look to revisit and reset priorities at the next meeting of the Taunton LCN:


Transport – bus / bus & railway connection / cycle / sustainable transport / route

Housing – housing providers / taunton focus housing association

Environment – inclusion of organisations

Loneliness - ideas / solution to get people to meet with like minded similar interest groups / explore new interests / support and recognise social isolation

LCN catchment area priorities

Economic Development/ Business Support

Future LCN Events:

Want to know what is on offer in the Taunton Community for young people and parents you support?

For people working in education to connect with provision in our Taunton community for the young people and parents you supportTuesday 18th June 3pm – 5pm, Taunton Deane Partnership College, Holway Centre, Byron Road, TA1 2JD (parking on site)

Highways working group

11 July 2024 1 - 3pm, the John Meikle Room, The Deane House, Taunton.



Agree the schedule of meetings for the next 12 months


The Taunton LCN agreed the below meeting dates, with venues to be confirmed:

7 October 2024

13 January 2025

3 April 2025

7 July 2025

The Chair thanked all for their attendance, contribution and the positive engagement for future opportunities