Agenda and draft minutes

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Apologies for Absence

To receive apologies.


Apologies received from Samanatha Rickward and Alex Akhigbemen.


Welcome from the Chair

To receive a welcome from the Chair.


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and went through the housekeeping announcements.


Minutes from the previous meeting held on 24 July 2023 pdf icon PDF 59 KB

To approve the minutes of the previous meeting of the Tenants’ Strategic Group held on 24th of July 2023


The minutes from of the previous meeting held on the 24th of July were approved noting the following action points from the last meeting including communal bin areas and fire regulation and the consideration when new building develop. The 10% of tenancy and to have examples of this.


Engagement Group updates pdf icon PDF 158 KB

To receive an update.


The Chair gave an overview of the various engagement groups and their activities.


During discussion of this item the following comments/questions were raised (summarised)


·       Representatives on the Tenant Strategic Group

·       Working with Wellington Town Council on some of the issues.

·       Recruitment to the tenant Strategic Group.


RESOLVED to note the report.


Voids Completion Report pdf icon PDF 8 MB

To note the report.


The Case Manager for Housing Customer team gave an overview of the Void Group highlighting the key points: the lifetime of the Voids group and the following that had been achieved, understanding of issues when properties are handed back in an extremely poor condition. Delays with asbestos specialists accessing properties, the cost involved making some of these properties habitable.


The objectives for the group and expected outcomes were as follows ensure the properties are up to the lettable standard before re letting, understanding the issues where there are delays in having properties ready for re-letting. Both objectives were achieved.



During discussion of this item the following comments/questions were raised (summarised):


·       That some of the bathrooms are extremely out of date.

·       Unsuccessful work carried out and distrust in contractors.

·       How many properties do live west look after.

·       To deliver 6 monthly inspections on the property.



RESOLVED the report was noted.



2023/24 Housing Performance and Finance Report Quarter 1- April - June 2023 pdf icon PDF 219 KB

To note the report.


The Case Manager lead for Housing Customer experience gave an overview of the housing performance and Finance report quarter 1 April-June 2023 highlighting the following points 8.1 Customer complaints has been added as part of the Tenant satisfaction measure introduced by the social housing regulators complaint data is requested in slightly different format. 8.6.2 the wait time on customer call statistics and the approval of the Tenant Strategic Group to agree the wait time to be a standard 2 minutes. Tenancy management, in the graph on the compliance and highlighting the new points added.



During discussion of this item the following comments/questions were raised (summarised):

·       Under the tenancy management on anti-social behaviour cases that involve hate incidents a defined approach to understand what this includes.

·       To have an update on the void’s improvement plans.

·       The 13% of abandon calls and agreed the 2-minute approach to answer the telephone.

·       No reports of Anti-Social behaviour in June.

·       The completion of housing emergency repairs in 24 hours at 95.8% what about the 4.2%.


RESOLVED to note the report.



Tenant Satisfaction Measures Presentation pdf icon PDF 516 KB

To receive and note the presentation.


The Case Manager lead for Housing Customer experience gave an overview of the Tenant Satisfaction Measures Survey highlighting the key points from a PowerPoint presentation. The 82% of Safe homes and 86% as neighbourhood as a place to live. A regulatory requirement since April 2023 with the data being reported April 2024, two surveys results being completed every six months. The overall satisfactions being reported at 76% with a decrease by 1% since November. The increase and decrease in satisfaction, the areas of improvements including ASB, Communal areas, ground maintenance, listening to tenants and complaint. The interesting findings from the survey only 11% of tenants expressed an interest in becoming more engaged with the Council. 67% of tenants use the internet and 33% do not have access to the internet. The Housemark shows that satisfaction has steadily fallen over the last 2 years, on average a fall of 5% since the pandemic. Therefore, a 1% fall in overall satisfaction at SWT should not be unexpected.? Acuity report that amongst the 50 landlords that they work with, the average overall satisfaction is 72%. Our overall satisfaction is 76%. When comparing the 50 landlords that Acuity work with, Somerset Council has reported a higher-than average satisfaction score in the following areas: Well-maintained home, safe home, repairs, time taken to report a repair, positive contribution to the neighbourhood, kept informed.

The average satisfaction score for ASB was 59%- this shows that nationally tenants are dis-satisfied and the average score for complaints was 36% - this shows that nationally tenants are dis-satisfied. The next steps include colleagues will talk to the tenant strategic group about the improvement plans in their area of business. The council needs to put in an Action plan to address the areas of improvement. The Action Plan will need to be documented and evaluated in TSG meetings.? Acuity tell us that the main drivers for Customer Satisfaction are tenant’s homes being well maintained and being treated fairly and with respect and therefore, Somerset Council must keep an emphasis on the repairs service and communication.


During discussion of this item the following comments/questions were raised (summarised):

·       Somerset employees being granted a license for communal land.

·       To have a break down summary for the areas of improvements such as communal areas and ground maintenance.

·       More communication about grounds maintenance such as grass cuttings due to the Council prioritises of a greener, more sustainable Somerset to understand why some areas may not have had grass cut.

·       The deterioration of flats in areas that has already been raised previously and continues to deteriorate rapidly causing more problems and this could have been addressed prior.


Resolved to note the presentation. 



Directorate Report- Senior Management pdf icon PDF 190 KB

To note the report.


The report updated the Tenant Strategic Group on the work being undertaken and the progress made by the Case Manager Lead for Housing since the last TSG meeting.



RESOLVED the report was noted.


Any other Business

The Chair to consider any other business.