Meeting documents

SWT Full Council
Tuesday, 8th February, 2022 6.15 pm

Part I – To deal with written questions to the Executive.

Part II – To receive reports from the following Members of the Executive:-

a) Councillor Federica Smith-Roberts – Leader of the Council

b) Councillor Derek Perry – Deputy Leader & Parks, Sports and Leisure

c) Councillor Christopher Booth – Community

d) Councillor Ross Henley – Corporate Resources

e) Councillor Marcus Kravis – Asset Management and Economic Development

f) Councillor Caroline Ellis – Culture

g) Councillor Dixie Darch – Climate Change

h) Councillor Mike Rigby – Planning and Transportation

i) Councillor Francesca Smith - Housing

j) Councillor Andy Sully – Environmental Services


An Executive Councillor shall submit a report to an Ordinary Meeting of the Council as to current and future business of their portfolio for the information of and comment from the Council. Such reports are for discussion and comment only and no motion shall be put to the meeting as to any such item other than those closure motions described in Standing Order 5.


During the discussion, the following points were raised:-

·       Councillors raised concern that on page 377 of the agenda, it only appeared to mention Taunton in the works around Town Centres and that there should be information on Wellington and Minehead.

·       Councillors also mentioned that updates on the Wellington Partnership had not been included in the Employment Skills section on page 381 of the agenda.

The Portfolio Holder for Asset Management and Economic Development agreed they were both good points made and that he would include an update in his next report.

·       Councillors thanked the Portfolio Holder for Planning and Transportation for his comments on the High Street Health Checks.

·       Councillors chased information they had requested on the members of the Innovation Group.

The Portfolio Holder for Asset Management and Economic Development would resend the information to councillors.

Supporting documents: