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SSDC Area East Committee
Wednesday, 8th March, 2023 10.00 am

  • Meeting of Area East Committee, Wednesday 8th March 2023 10.00 am (Item 36.)


The Locality Manager introduced the report which gave an overview of the progress made on local priorities, achievements and investment made through grants during the current term from May 2019 to present (for Area East). Together with the Locality Officer, a presentation was provided highlighting some statistics, grants and projects over the last few years, including:

·        A reminder an overview of the Area Chapter of the Council Plan and the Area Priorities.

·        Capital projects including play & youth facilities, community halls / facilities, community transport and community radio – total of £121,717.

·        Revenue projects including Local Information Centres – total of £23,347.

·        Some of the projects supported by SSDC Community Grants and / or the team included:

o   5 defibrillators installed

o   3 Speed Indicator Devices installed

o   Support for recovery from the impact of the Covid pandemic

o   Projects for community transport including revenue support for a social car scheme, and a capital grant towards a new minibus.

o   Revenue support and core funding to the Balsam Centre towards a programme of work.

o   Section 106 project delivery for projects in Henstridge, Milborne Port, The Charltons, Keinton Mandeville, Kingsdon, Sparkford and Wincanton.

o   4 Health Walk groups

o   Play Days

o   Neighbourhood Plans

o   Thermal Image Camera Project

o   Tackling litter and fouling


During discussion, several comments were raised by members including:

·        Over the years have tried to champion for more cycle routes into the countryside especially to and from Yeovilton. Hope ward members going forwards will continue to support the idea.

·        Good to have a reminder of all the projects supported in the area over the last few years, Are there areas of work we’ve done in the past that we don’t yet know how will be covered or supported in the future?

·        In the short term, parishes are likely to ask who they contact if they are seeking funding or are mid project, but at the moment don’t have the confidence of what to say.

·        Members and parishes need to know how they can seek grant funding or funding advice going forwards. For some projects like community transport and village halls we need to know what support may be available in the future.

·        Parish Councils would find the report and presentation interesting – could they be circulated.


In response to some comments made, the Locality Manager noted that:

·        Going forwards into the new authority there were definitely areas of uncertainty but also of continuity, Grants had been looked at across the districts as all had approached differently until now. Things were likely to evolve and be aligned as we move forward into the new authority and new ways of working.

·        Contacts for advice and support for projects would remain the same as now until further notice. Acknowledge the comments made and will feed back the need for further communications to parish councils and groups about who to contact etc.


Members were content to note the report and thanked the Locality Team for the presentation and all the work achieved.



That the report on Area East Committee – Achievements 2019-2023 be noted.




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