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South West Councils


The core function of South West Councils,  supported by a small team of officers, is to:

  • Support member authorities as Employers, encouraging improved performance and capacity across the region through the provision of high quality HR advice and support, and sharing of accessible information and knowledge on a range of relevant issues.
  • Assist member authorities and associate members to enhance capacity and service delivery through developmental activites for improved performance and efficiency. 
  • Support authorities in having a voice, built on consensus, of issues on national policy and funding working with national Local Government Group, when this is deemed appropriate by Members.


The full membership meets at least twice a year.  There is also a Resource and Management Committee, which oversees day-to-day business and an Employers' Panel  which acts as the Employers' side in joint work with Unions on Provincial Council.  


Find more information on the South West Councils website.


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South West Councils

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