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Local Government Association Innovation and Improvement Board


The Improvement and Innovation Board offers “corporate” improvement support to councils and sets a strategic framework for all LGA activity designed to help and support councils drive their own improvement and strengthen local accountability and transparency.


Board Objectives:


·         To ensure councils have the help they need to innovate and improve their performance by working in partnership with sector bodies and other national level improvement organisations;


·         To deliver an effective programme of sector-led support, including peer challenges, productivity, leadership development programmes, tools to share comparative performance data, sharing good and innovative practice;


·         To provide a strategic framework within which other LGA Boards provide improvement support so that it is coherent and coordinated at the point of delivery


·         To maintain an oversight of performance in the sector and support councils facing performance challenges; and


·         To influence the performance framework within which local government operates to achieve significantly less inspection, intervention, and central targets and support stronger local accountability through effective scrutiny, greater transparency and user assessment.

For more information visit the Innovation and Improvement Board webpage.


Contact information

Jess Norman
LGA Innovation and Improvement Board Support Officer

Phone: 0207 664 3221

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