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Somerset Armed Forces Covenant Partnership


The Somerset Armed Forces Covenant is now a well-established Partnership between local councils, colleges, health services, charities, the military presence in the county and the reservists associated with them.

The Covenant is a pledge made by the government (in May 2011) to ensure that the armed forces are not disadvantaged as a result of their service. This includes offering injured servicemen and women and bereaved families extra support where appropriate. This pledge received such a positive response that there are now more than 200 partnerships formed across the country. They each aim to encourage the involvement of local communities with the armed forces and their families, living in their area.

To help meet this aim, the Government has set up a Covenant fund, which groups are able to bid for.

The Somerset Partnership is required to assess and endorse applications prior to them being considered by the Ministry of Defence.

The Partnership is supported by a small Executive where bids and progress against the Partnership's action plan are considered, with a broader partnership event tending to be held to coincide with Armed Forces' Week in June.

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