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Council Chamber, Shire Hall

Directions: Shire Hall is the grey gothic style building that houses the main Council Chamber, located on the first floor of the building and used for meetings of the full County Council. The County Council meeting in Shire Hall is open to the public but there is limited capacity for health and safety reasons. Shire Hall itself is now used principally by the Courts Service and their staff are responsible for security arrangements at the main entrance. All those attending the council meeting and the courts are required to pass through the security 'gate'. At peak times this can take well over ten minutes – so please arrive early. There is no parking available to the public but public car parks are within a few minutes walk.

Comment: The design of Shire Hall and the listed Council Chamber is not ideal for those using wheelchairs, with restricted widths in corridors and elsewhere, but council officers will ensure they have access to the meeting if at all possible.

Contact tel: 0300 123 2224

Location maps:  Shire Hall - Council Chamber , Information about Taunton Park and Ride

Shire Hall
Upper High Street