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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from
Northern lateral extension to the existing quarry, consolidation and regularisation of existing operations and associated ancillary development at Callow Rock Quarry ref: 70312/04/201812/04/2018
Construction of three Replacement Tips at Moons Hill Quarry ref: 70212/04/201812/04/2018
Establishment of Business Improvement District (BID) in Minehead ref: 69904/04/201810/04/2018
Appointments to Scrutiny for Policies, Adults and Health Committee ref: 69829/03/201829/03/2018
Policy Update - Schools Access Initiative ref: 69628/03/201810/04/2018
Changes to the Education Travel Policy ref: 69528/03/201810/04/2018
Approval of the final formula allocations at individual school level for 2018/19 ref: 69728/03/201810/04/2018
Approval to accept Highways England Growth & Housing Fund award toward the M5 J25 improvement scheme. ref: 69427/03/201807/04/2018
Changes to Cabinet and Junior Cabinet Member Responsibilities ref: 69326/03/201826/03/2018
Fees Rates and Charges 2018/19 - Adult Social Care ref: 69126/03/201830/03/2018
Extension of Supported Accommodation and Floating Support for Adults with Mental Health Needs ref: 69226/03/201826/03/2018
To agree to the purchase of the land for the construction of the M5 Junction 25 Highways Improvement Scheme. ref: 69026/03/201826/03/2018