Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Colley Lane Southern Access Route tender invitation20/03/2017For Consideration02/05/2017 FP/17/03/10
Annual appointment of Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Somerset Waste Board 2017/1813/04/2017For Consideration30/06/2017
Appointment of Managing Director for Somerset Waste Partnership13/04/2017For Consideration30/06/2017 SWB/17/04/02
Contractual Negotiations for Recycle More03/04/2017For Consideration30/06/2017 SWB/17/04/01
Heathfield School, Taunton - Proposed Art and Science Blocks24/04/2017For ConsiderationNot before 22/05/2017 FP/17/04/09
Approval to accept Highways England Growth & Housing Fund award toward the M5 J25 improvement scheme.24/04/2017For ConsiderationNot before 09/06/2017 FP/17/04/08
Treasury Management End of Year Report 2016-1724/04/2017For Consideration10/07/2017 FP/17/04/07
Revenue Budget Monitoring Report Q4 2016-1719/04/2017For Consideration07/06/2017 FP/17/04/06
Capital Budget Monitoring Report Q4 2016-1719/04/2017For Consideration07/06/2017 FP/17/04/05
Council Performance Monitoring Report Q4 2016-1719/04/2017For Consideration07/06/2017 FP/17/04/04
Extension of Somerset Integrated Domestic Abuse Service contract12/04/2017For Consideration10/05/2017 FP/17/04/03
Decision to approve the appointment of a supplier to deliver the Highbridge phase two development, and to accept the Unlocking Growth Deal Fund funding and sign up to the terms and conditions of the funding.10/04/2017For ConsiderationNot before 08/05/2017 FP/17/04/02
Council Performance Report end of May 17/1803/04/2017For Consideration10/07/2017 FP/17/04/01
Somerset Prevention Charter29/03/2017For Consideration07/06/2017 FP/17/03/12
Review of the Asset Management Plan and the 2017/18 potential disposals programme29/03/2017For Consideration07/06/2017 Fp/17/03/11
Award of Family Based Care (fostering) Peninsula Framework14/02/2017For ConsiderationNot before 05/05/2017 FP/17/02/06
Performance Outturn 2016/1708/03/2017For Consideration30/06/2017 SWB/17/03/04
Financial Outturn and Use of Balances 2016/1708/03/2017For Consideration30/06/2017 SWB/17/03/01
Health and Safety Update08/03/2017For Consideration30/06/2017 SWB/17/03/06
Risk Update08/03/2017For Consideration30/06/2017 SWB/17/03/05
SEIC Acceptance of GD and ERDF Funding13/03/2017For ConsiderationNot before 09/06/2017 FP/17/03/08
Framework Agreement for Travel Demand Management13/03/2017For Consideration07/06/2017 FP/17/03/09
SEIC Appointing a Construction Company13/03/2017For ConsiderationNot before 24/05/2017 FP/17/03/07
Review of HWRC Residents Permit Scheme27/02/2017For Consideration30/06/2017 SWB/17/03/07
Award of Contract for the provision of a 3 Classroom Block at Court Fields School, Wellington14/02/2017For ConsiderationNot before 22/05/2017 FP/17/02/01
Provision of Healthwatch Somerset06/03/2017For ConsiderationNot before 19/06/2017 FP/17/03/01
Specialist mental health carers services03/01/2017For ConsiderationNot before 01/05/2017 FP/16/12/06
Specialist mental health day services03/01/2017For ConsiderationNot before 01/05/2017 FP/16/12/05
Award and enter a contract for the delivery of broadband services for Lot 1 of the CDS SEP procurement03/10/2016For ConsiderationNot before 24/04/2017 FP/16/10/04
Road Safety Strategy Update09/01/2017For Consideration10/07/2017 FP/16/05/02
Children's Services Improvement - Somerset's Children and Young People's Plan 2016-19 progress27/09/2016For Consideration07/06/2017 FP/16/11/10