Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Shaping the future models for Support in Sheltered Housing in Somerset03/04/2018For Consideration25/06/2018 FP/18/04/02
Emergency Residential Stepdown Pilot19/06/2018For Consideration19/07/2018 FP/18/06/07
Approve the decision to proceed with the delivery of iAero (Yeovil) Centre19/06/2018For Consideration19/07/2018 FP/18/06/06
Award Contracts for Tennyson Court ECH Scheme and Eliot Court Supported Living Schele19/06/2018For Consideration19/07/2018 FP/18/06/05
Award of contract for the provision of Learning Disability Services in the Mendip area12/06/2018For Consideration12/07/2018 FP/18/06/02
Emergency Residential Stepdown Pilot12/06/2018For Consideration12/07/2018 FP/08/06/03
Formulation of a Sub-National Transport Body for the South West Peninsula12/06/2018For Consideration09/07/2018 FP/18/06/04
Corporate Peer Challenge Update07/06/2018For Consideration09/07/2018 FP/18/06/01
Updated draft budget for 2019/20 and Finance Update Report21/05/2018For Consideration14/12/2018 SWB/18/05/03
Initial Budget for 2019/20 and Finance Update report21/05/2018For Consideration28/09/2018 SWB/18/05/02
Somerset Waste Board Vision and Future Strategy21/05/2018For Consideration29/06/2018 SWB/18/05/01
Revenue Budget Monitoring Report - Month 2 2018/1911/05/2018For Consideration09/07/2018 FP/18/05/08
Creation of two New Academies in Somerset30/04/2018For ConsiderationNot before 03/09/2018 FP/18/04/08
Children and Young Peoples Plan 2016-19 - Report on progress of year 230/04/2018For Consideration09/07/2018 FP/18/04/07
Procurement of the HotSW Growth Hub Service30/04/2018For ConsiderationNot before 09/07/2018 FP/18/04/06
Consultation on draft Somerset Air Quality Statement16/04/2018For Consideration09/07/2018 FP/18/04/05
2019/20 Medium Term Financial Plan - Development and Approach11/05/2018For Consideration19/09/2018 FP/18/05/09
Treasury Management End of Year Report 2017-1811/05/2018For Consideration09/07/2018 FP/18/03/03
Decision to award contract for the provision of Somerset Specialist All Age Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service09/05/2018For Consideration09/07/2018 FP/18/05/02
Adoption of the 'Well-managed highway infrastructure' Code of Practice by Somerset County Council09/05/2018For Consideration09/07/2018 FP/18/05/01
Re-Provision of existing Learning Disability Service in Mendip16/04/2018For ConsiderationNot before 02/07/2018 FP/18/04/04
Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS) Superfast Extension Programme (SEP) Phase 2: decision to accept further grant funding and introduce additional funding into the contract for Lot 406/02/2018For ConsiderationNot before 09/07/2018 FP/18/02/01
Community Leisure Services Post 201913/03/2018For ConsiderationNot before 09/07/2018 FP/18/03/06
Procurement for the construction of traffic signals improvements at the Rowbarton junction in Taunton12/03/2018For ConsiderationNot before 09/07/2018 FP/18/03/04
Health and Safety Update01/03/2018For Consideration29/06/2018 FP/18/03/06
Waste Board Constitution, Membership and Meeting Dates for 2018/1901/03/2018For Consideration29/06/2018 FP/18/03/02
Annual appointment of Chair and Vice-Chair of Somerset Waste Board 2018/1901/03/2018For Consideration29/06/2018 FP/18/03/01
Road Safety Strategy13/02/2018For Consideration09/07/2018 FP/18/02/09
Taunton Transport Strategy13/02/2018For ConsiderationNot before 09/07/2018 FP/18/02/08
Heathfield School, Taunton - Award of Contract for the Proposed ASD Base05/01/2018For ConsiderationNot before 02/07/2018 FP/18/01/03
Contract for Provision of Bus Lane Enforcement Infrastructure14/12/2017For ConsiderationNot before 09/07/2018 FP/17/12/02
Strategy for the Management of the County Farms Estate28/12/2017For ConsiderationNot before 09/07/2018 NON-KEY DECISION
iAero (Yeovil) Aerospace Centre (2,500 sq m) Acceptance of ERDF Funding11/09/2017For ConsiderationNot before 09/07/2018 FP/17/09/04
Customer Feedback Annual Reports 2017/1816/11/2017For Consideration19/09/2018 FP/17/11/05
Performance Outturn 2017/1821/11/2017For Consideration29/06/2018 FP/18/03/04
SWP risk update21/11/2017For Consideration29/06/2018 FP/18/03/05
Recycle More project update21/11/2017For Consideration29/06/2018 FP/18/03/07
Financial Outturn and Use of Balances 2017/1821/11/2017For Consideration29/06/2018 FP/18/03/03
Recycle More update01/05/2018For Consideration28/09/2018
Disposal of Surplus Land at Castle Cary09/08/2017For ConsiderationNot before 25/06/2018 FP/17/08/01