Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Proposed Expansion of Willowdown Primary Academy, Bridgwater from 210 to 420 places12/02/2019For ConsiderationNot before 27/03/2019 FP/19/02/02
The School Building Condition Programme26/02/2019For Consideration08/04/2019 FP/19/02/06
Early Years Block - Early Years Single Funding Formula (EYSFF) 2019/2019/02/2019For ConsiderationNot before 08/04/2019 FP/19/02/03
County Council Business Plan 2019+19/03/2019For ConsiderationNot before 13/05/2019 FP/19/03/02
Creation of a new Academy in Somerset05/03/2019For ConsiderationNot before 08/04/2019 FP/19/03/01
Resource and Waste Consultation05/03/2019For Consideration29/03/2019 SWB/19/03/02
New Waste Treatment Facility Update05/03/2019For Consideration28/06/2019 SWB/19/03/01
Creation of a new Academy in Somerset26/02/2019For Consideration08/04/2019 FP/19/02/06
Disposal of Two County Farms - Spring / Summer 201912/02/2019For Consideration08/04/2019 FP/19/02/01
The Somerset Children and Young Peoples Plan 2019-202210/12/2018For Consideration13/05/2019 FP/18/12/05
Finance Update 2018/1907/01/2019For Consideration15/03/2019 SWB/19/01/01
Resource and Waste Strategy22/01/2019For Consideration15/02/2019 SWB/19/01/04
Recycling Site Van & Trailer Permit Review22/01/2019For Consideration28/06/2019 SWB19/01/03
Performance Update Q3 2018/19 including risk and health & safety update07/01/2019For Consideration15/03/2019 SWB/19/01/02
Adoption of the Somerset Air Quality Statement05/02/2019For ConsiderationNot before 08/04/2019 FP/19/01/12
Bridgwater College Academy Expansion - Funding05/02/2019For ConsiderationNot before 08/04/2019 FP/10/01/11
Acceptance of European Regional Development Funding for the Heart of the South West Inward Investment Project03/01/2019For ConsiderationNot before 08/04/2019 FP/19/01/02
Recycle More Preferred Bidder07/12/2018For Consideration15/03/2019 SWB/18/12/02
Constitutional matters and 2019/20 Board membership and meeting dates07/12/2018For Consideration28/06/2019 SWB/18/12/05
Performance Outturn 2018/1907/12/2018For Consideration28/06/2019 SWB/18/12/04
Financial Outturn and use of balances 2018/1907/12/2018For Consideration28/06/2019 SWB/18/12/03
Disposal of part of of the Six Acres Day Centre site, Taunton20/12/2018For ConsiderationNot before 13/05/2019 FP/18/12/09
Decision to conclude the establishment of an Open Framework Agreement for Reablement Providers in Somerset21/11/2018For ConsiderationNot before 08/04/2019 FP/18/11/11
Decision to approve revisions to the Connecting Devon and Somerset phase 2 deployment contracts20/11/2018For Consideration08/04/2019 FP/18/11/10
Framework for the delivery of Food Produce to SCC properties20/11/2018For ConsiderationNot before 01/04/2019 FP/18/11/09
Decision to extend the contract for Parking Enforcement and Related Services13/11/2018For Consideration08/04/2019 FP/18/11/01
Procurement of the HotSW Growth Hub Service30/04/2018For ConsiderationNot before 03/06/2019 FP/18/04/06
Procurement for the construction of traffic signals improvements at the Rowbarton junction in Taunton12/03/2018For ConsiderationNot before 13/05/2019 FP/18/03/04