Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
To award procurement contract for the replacement of tail-lift vehicles with low-floor buses and people carriers.03/07/2017For Consideration04/09/2017 FP/17/07/02
Capital Funding Investment Expansion of Bridgwater College Academy30/06/2017For Consideration30/08/2017 FP/17/06/10
To approve the inclusion of the Welsh Government in the existing SME Business Support for HPC Supply Chain & Nuclear South West Inward Investment Expertise Cross-LEP Contract for which SCC is the accountable body.15/08/2017For ConsiderationNot before 18/09/2017 FP/17/08/04
Updated policy in respect of the introduction of Resident Parking Schemes15/08/2017For Consideration18/10/2017 FP/17/08/03
Authorise the purchase of Land at Cathedral Park, Wells for the development of Wells Technology Enterprise Centre.26/06/2017For ConsiderationNot before 04/09/2017 FP/17/06/07
AdoptSW, Regional Adoption Agency (RAA) virtual Adoption Panel14/08/2017For ConsiderationNot before 18/09/2017 FP/17/08/01
Full Business Case for proposed Joint Strategic Commissioning Function17/08/2017For Consideration15/11/2017 FP/17/08/12
2017/18 Treasury Management mid-year report16/08/2017For Consideration15/11/2017 FP/17/08/11
County Plan 2017-202116/08/2017For Consideration18/10/2017 Fp/17/08/12
2017/18 Performance Outturn report16/08/2017For Consideration13/06/2018 Fp/17/08/11
2018/19 Revenue and Capital Budget Outturn reports16/08/2017For Consideration13/06/2018 Fp/17/08/10
2018/19 - 2021/22 Medium Term Financial Plan16/08/2017For Consideration07/02/2018 FP/17/08/09
2017/18 Quarter 3 Performance Update16/08/2017For Consideration07/02/2018 FP/17/08/08
Quarter 3 2017/18 Revenue and Capital budget monitoring report16/08/2017For Consideration07/02/2018 FP/17/08/08
2018/19 Proposed Capital Programme16/08/2017For Consideration15/11/2017 FP/17/08/07
Quarter 2 2017/18 Performance monitoring report16/08/2017For Consideration15/11/2017 Fp/17/08/06
Quarter 2 Revenue and Capital Budget monitoring reports16/08/2017For Consideration15/11/2017 FP/17/08/05
Disposal of Surplus Land at Castle Cary09/08/2017For ConsiderationNot before 11/09/2017 FP/17/08/01
Hinkley C Corridor Improvement Scheme Programme26/07/2017For ConsiderationNot before 29/08/2017 FP/17/07/11
Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring Report End of July 201719/07/2017For Consideration27/09/2017 FP/17/07/08
End of July 2017 Performance Monitoring Report19/07/2017For Consideration27/09/2017 Fp/17/07/07
Medium Term Financial Plan 2018/19 - proposed revenue savings19/07/2017For Consideration18/10/2017 FP17/7/06
Disposal of Surplus Land and Farms13/06/2017For ConsiderationNot before 11/09/2017 FP/17/06/04
Development of a Family Hub approach for Somerset12/07/2017For Consideration27/09/2017 Fp/17/07/04
Creation of a new Academy in Somerset27/07/2017For ConsiderationNot before 02/10/2017 FP/17/07/12
Wells Technology Enterprise Centre (WTEC) – Approval to start a procurement process, to accept ERDF/LEP funding and sign the grant funding agreements24/07/2017For ConsiderationNot before 04/09/2017 FP/17/07/10
Wiveliscombe Enterprise Centre (WEC) – Approval to start a procurement process, to accept ERDF/LEP funding and to sign the grant funding agreements24/07/2017For ConsiderationNot before 04/09/2017 FP/17/07/09
Award of specialist traffic signals contract.13/07/2017For ConsiderationNot before 25/09/2017 FP/17/07/05
To agree to the purchase of the land for the construction of the M5 Junction 25 Highways Improvement Scheme.10/07/2017For ConsiderationNot before 11/09/2017 FP/17/07/03
Approval to accept Highways England Growth & Housing Fund award toward the M5 J25 improvement scheme.24/04/2017For ConsiderationNot before 11/09/2017 FP/17/04/08
Asset Rationalisation : A refreshed approach29/03/2017For ConsiderationNot before 25/09/2017 Fp/17/03/11
Award of Contract for the provision of a 3 Classroom Block at Court Fields School, Wellington14/02/2017For ConsiderationNot before 04/09/2017 FP/17/02/01
Road Safety Strategy Update09/01/2017For Consideration27/09/2017 FP/16/05/02