Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Connecting Devon and Somerset: RDPE funding & RDPE grant funding agreement22/08/2018For Consideration05/11/2018 FP/18/08/08
Decision to conclude the award of a contract for the provision of highway improvements at M5 Junction 2502/10/2018For Consideration FP/18/09/10
Recycle More Project Update15/10/2018For Consideration14/12/2018 SWB/18/10/03
Performance Monitoring Report Q2 2018/1915/10/2018For Consideration14/12/2018 SWB 18/10/02
Draft budget for 2019/20 and Finance Performance Update Q201/10/2018For Consideration14/12/2018 SWB/18/10/01
Somerset Waste Partnership Business Plan15/10/2018For Consideration14/12/2018 SWB 18/10/04
Recycle More Project Update10/09/2018For Consideration02/11/2018 SWB/18/09/01
Viridor Core Services Review10/09/2018For Consideration02/11/2018 SWB/18/09/02
Capital Budget Monitoring - Month 725/09/2018For Consideration19/12/2018 FP/08/09/09
Revenue Budget Monitoring - Month 725/09/2018For Consideration19/12/2018 FP/18/09/08
Somerset Waste Partnership Draft Business Plan 2019 - 202425/09/2018For Consideration19/11/2018 FP/08/09/07
Capital Budget Monitoring - Month 625/09/2018For Consideration19/11/2018 FP/18/09/06
2018/19 Treasury Management Mid-Year Report25/09/2018For Consideration19/11/2018 FP/18/09/05
Revenue Budget Monitoring - Month 625/09/2018For Consideration19/11/2018 FP/18/09/04
Revenue Budget Monitoring - Month 525/09/2018For Consideration17/10/2018 FP/18/09/03
Fit For My Future24/09/2018For Consideration17/10/2018 FP/18/09/02
South West Peninsula Framework Contract for Residential Children's Homes03/09/2018For Consideration12/11/2018 FP/18/09/01
Connecting Devon and Somerset: Decision to accept Rural Development Programme England (RDPE) funding to sign up to the RDPE grant funding agreement28/08/2018For Consideration05/11/2018 FP/18/08/24
Revision of Section 106/CIL Pupil Yields in respect of contributions towards additional School Places13/08/2018For Consideration05/11/2018 FP/18/08/07
Somerset Youth Justice Plan13/08/2018For Consideration05/11/2018 FP/18/08/06
Extension of the Somerset Local Education Partnership for five years07/08/2018For Consideration05/11/2018 FP/18/08/03
Provision of accommodation and support for Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children - Framework Contract Award07/08/2018For Consideration05/11/2018 FP/18/08/02
Award of Concession Contract for the Provision of Cashless Parking Services07/08/2018For ConsiderationNot before 05/11/2018 FP/18/08/01
Emergency Residential Stepdown Pilot12/06/2018For ConsiderationNot before 05/11/2018 FP/08/06/03
End of August 2018/19 Performance Report23/07/2018For Consideration17/10/2018 FP/18/07/10
Family Support Service Update17/07/2018For Consideration19/11/2018 FP/18/07/07
New Primary School in Somerton17/07/2018For Consideration17/10/2018 FP/18/07/06
Equality Objectives 2019 - 2023 and Equality Commitment17/07/2018For Consideration19/12/2018 FP/18/07/05
Somerset Pollinator Action Plan10/07/2018For Consideration05/11/2018 FP/18/07/03
Creation of New Academies in Somerset03/07/2018For Consideration07/11/2018 FP/18/07/02
Libraries Service Redesign 2018 Decision03/07/2018For Consideration05/11/2018 FP/08/07/01
To approve the appointment of a supplier to deliver the Wiveliscombe Enterprise Centre and Wells Technology Enterprise Centre19/06/2018For ConsiderationNot before 05/11/2018 FP/18/06/08
Procurement of the HotSW Growth Hub Service30/04/2018For ConsiderationNot before 05/11/2018 FP/18/04/06
2019/20 Medium Term Financial Plan - Development and Approach11/05/2018For Consideration17/10/2018 FP/18/05/09
Community Leisure Services Post 201913/03/2018For ConsiderationNot before 05/11/2018 FP/18/03/06
Procurement for the construction of traffic signals improvements at the Rowbarton junction in Taunton12/03/2018For ConsiderationNot before 05/11/2018 FP/18/03/04
Taunton Transport Strategy13/02/2018For ConsiderationNot before 05/11/2018 FP/18/02/08
Heathfield School, Taunton - Award of Contract for the Proposed ASD Base05/01/2018For ConsiderationNot before 05/11/2018 FP/18/01/03
Strategy for the Management of the County Farms Estate28/12/2017For ConsiderationNot before 05/11/2018 NON-KEY DECISION
iAero (Yeovil) Aerospace Centre (2,500 sq m) Acceptance of ERDF Funding11/09/2017For ConsiderationNot before 05/11/2018 FP/17/09/04
Customer Feedback Annual Reports 2017/1816/11/2017For Consideration17/10/2018 FP/17/11/05
Somerset Waste Partnership Business Plan01/11/2017For Consideration02/11/2018 SWB 18/08/03