Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Revision of the number of early years places developers will be required to fund for children from new housing developments in Somerset31/05/2019For Consideration29/08/2019 fp/19/05/12
Future of Targeted Sexual Prevention Services for Sexual Health16/07/2019For Consideration28/08/2019 FP/19/07/04
Changes to the garden waste service16/08/2019For Consideration27/09/2019 SWB/19/08/01
Heart of the South West Joint Committee - Governance Arrangements & Budgetary Position20/08/2019For Consideration18/11/2019 FP/19/08/02
Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS) Superfast Extension Programme (SEP) Phase 2: decision to introduce additional funding into the Lot 4 contract.12/08/2019For ConsiderationNot before 30/09/2019 FP19/08/01
Frome Autism and Communications Base07/08/2019For ConsiderationNot before 09/09/2019 FP/19/07/16
Decision to Award of Contract for the Somerset Integrated Domestic Abuse Service07/08/2019For ConsiderationNot before 09/09/2019 FP/19/07/15
Revisions to the Inter-Authority Agreement29/07/2019For Consideration06/12/2019 SWB/19/07/04
Slim my waste, feed my face food waste campaign29/07/2019For Consideration06/12/2019 SWB/19/07/03
Performance Monitoring Report Q1 2019/2029/07/2019For Consideration27/09/2019 SWB/19/07/02
New Technology to improve the Customer Experience29/07/2019For Consideration27/09/2019 SWB/19/07/01
Broad overview of communications and engagement approach for Recycle More29/07/2019For Consideration06/12/2019 SWB/19/07/07
Ensuring homes are built with waste in mind29/07/2019For Consideration06/12/2019 SWB/19/07/05
Sale of Morgan House site, Bridgwater, including former library office.31/07/2019For Consideration30/09/2019 FP19/07/14
Revision of Corporate Complaints Policy30/07/2019For ConsiderationNot before 05/09/2019 FP/19/07/13
Joint Strategic Needs Assessment30/07/2019For Consideration25/09/2019 Fp/19/07/12
Approval of Somerset Youth Justice Plan 2018/1930/07/2019For Consideration30/08/2019 FP/19/07/11
Decision to authorise the allocation of funding for the development of the Chard Enterprise Centre.30/07/2019For ConsiderationNot before 29/08/2019 FP/19/07/10
Decision to authorise the allocation of funding for the development of the Taunton Innovation Geospatial Centre.30/07/2019For ConsiderationNot before 29/08/2019 FP/19/07/09
Increased Budget - Bridgwater Special School25/07/2019For Consideration02/09/2019 FP19/07/08
Sale of The Court and Popham House property, Wellington23/07/2019For ConsiderationNot before 30/09/2019 FP19/07/07
Creation of New Academies in Somerset22/07/2019For Consideration23/09/2019 FP/19/07/06
Award of Contract - Hydrotherapy Pool Selworthy School22/07/2019For ConsiderationNot before 02/09/2019 FP/19/07/05
Implementation of New Street Works Permitting System16/07/2019For Consideration02/09/2019 FP/19/07/03
Decision to Award the contract of providing the Shared Lives scheme in Somerset09/07/2019For Consideration14/08/2019 FP/19/07/02
Decision to extend the Term Maintenance Contract for Highways Lighting maintenance services02/07/2019For ConsiderationNot before 02/09/2019 FP/19/07/01
Adult Social Care - outcome of Ombudsman24/06/2019For Consideration14/08/2019 FP/19/06/11
Month 4 Capital Budget Monitoring17/06/2019For Consideration25/09/2019 FP/19/06/09
Month 4 (Q1+1) Revenue Budget Monitoring17/06/2019For Consideration25/09/2019 FP/19/06/05
Month 3 Revenue Budget Monitoring17/06/2019For Consideration14/08/2019 FP/19/06/05
Approval to submit the full application for European Social Funding, under Priority Axis 1 - Inclusive Labour Markets (1.2)14/06/2019For Consideration02/09/2019 FP/19/06/02
Q2 Performance Report28/05/2019For Consideration18/11/2019 FP/19/05/10
Q1+1 Performance Report28/05/2019For Consideration25/09/2019 FP/19/05/09
Decision to appoint a contractor from a framework for the delivery of the Bruton Enterprise Centre29/04/2019For ConsiderationNot before 02/09/2019 FP/19/04/13
New collection contract mobilisation update03/04/2019For Consideration06/12/2019 SWB/19/04/08
New collection contract mobilisation update03/04/2019For Consideration27/09/2019 SWB/19/04/08
Somerset Waste Partnership Draft Business Plan 2020-202503/04/2019For Consideration06/12/2019 SWB/19/04/07
Performance Monitoring Report Q2 2019/2003/04/2019For Consideration06/12/2019 SWB/19/04/06
Updated draft budget for 2020/21 and Finance Update Report for Q2 2019/2003/04/2019For Consideration06/12/2019 SWB/19/04/05
Outline Business Plan 2020-202503/04/2019For Consideration27/09/2019 SWB/19/04/04
Proposed fees and charges 2020/2103/04/2019For Consideration27/09/2019 SWB/19/04/03
Performance Monitoring Report Q1 2019/2003/04/2019For Consideration27/09/2019 SWB/19/04/02
Initial budget for 2020/21 and Finance Update Q1 for 2019/2003/04/2019For Consideration27/09/2019 SWB/19/04/01
Somerset Energy Innovation Centre (Phase 3) - acceptance of Growth Deal 3 Funding26/03/2019For ConsiderationNot before 02/09/2019 FP/19/03/03
Adoption of the Somerset Air Quality Statement05/02/2019For ConsiderationNot before 02/09/2019 FP/19/01/12
Bridgwater College Academy Expansion - Funding05/02/2019For ConsiderationNot before 02/09/2019 FP/10/01/11
Decision to conclude the establishment of an Open Framework Agreement for Reablement Providers in Somerset21/11/2018For ConsiderationNot before 02/09/2019 FP/18/11/11
Decision to approve revisions to the Connecting Devon and Somerset phase 2 deployment contracts20/11/2018For ConsiderationNot before 02/09/2019 FP/18/11/10
Procurement of the HotSW Growth Hub Service30/04/2018For ConsiderationNot before 02/09/2019 FP/18/04/06