Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Performance Monitoring Report Q1 2017/1820/06/2017For Consideration29/09/2017 SWB/17/06/01
Fees and Charges20/06/2017For Consideration29/09/2017 FP/17/06/06
Contractual Negotiation for Recycle More20/06/2017For Consideration29/09/2017 SWB/17/06/05
SWP Risk Update20/06/2017For Consideration29/09/2017 SWB/17/06/04
Finance Performance Update Q1 2017-18 and Draft budget 2018/1920/06/2017For Consideration29/09/2017 SWB/17/06/03
Outline Business Plan 2018-2320/06/2017For Consideration29/09/2017 SWB/17/06/02
Creation of two New Academies in Somerset28/04/2017For Consideration26/06/2017 FP/17/04/10
Decision to accept European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) for the Connecting Devon and Somerset Broadband Programme, sign up to the terms and conditions of the funding agreement, and to enter into service agreements with delivery partners to21/06/2017For ConsiderationNot before 01/09/2017 FP/17/06/06
Family Hubs and the future delivery model12/06/2017For Consideration10/07/2017 FP/17/06/05
Disposal of Surplus Land and Buildings July 201713/06/2017For Consideration26/07/2017 FP/17/06/04
Disposal of Property at Northgate, Bridgwater07/06/2017For Consideration10/07/2017 FP/17/06/01
SWP Client Team Accommodation16/05/2017For Consideration30/06/2017 SWB/17/05/01
Proposal for the development of joint commissioning for Health and Social Care01/06/2017For Consideration10/07/2017 FP/17/05/10
Development of the Medium Term Financial Plan 2018/1901/06/2017For Consideration10/07/2017 Fp/17/05/09
Revenue Budget Monitoring Report End of May 2017/1801/06/2017For Consideration10/07/2017 Fp/17/05/08
Somerset Energy Innovation Centre Building Phase 2 acceptance of funding18/05/2017For ConsiderationNot before 06/07/2017 FP/17/05/06
Commissioning of Mental Health Services in Somerset: Community outcomes based preventative and enablement support services15/05/2017For ConsiderationNot before 03/07/2017 FP/17/05/05
Contract to supply books to Library Service15/05/2017For ConsiderationNot before 10/07/2017 FP/17/05/03
Revision of Section 106 contributions formula for Early Years Provision12/05/2017For Consideration17/07/2017 FP/17/05/02
Annual appointment of Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Somerset Waste Board 2017/1813/04/2017For Consideration30/06/2017
Appointment of Managing Director for Somerset Waste Partnership13/04/2017For Consideration30/06/2017 SWB/17/04/02
Contractual Negotiations for Recycle More03/04/2017For Consideration30/06/2017 SWB/17/04/01
Heathfield School, Taunton - Proposed Art and Science Blocks24/04/2017For ConsiderationNot before 03/07/2017 FP/17/04/09
Approval to accept Highways England Growth & Housing Fund award toward the M5 J25 improvement scheme.24/04/2017For ConsiderationNot before 20/07/2017 FP/17/04/08
Treasury Management End of Year Report 2016-1724/04/2017For Consideration10/07/2017 FP/17/04/07
Extension of Somerset Integrated Domestic Abuse Service contract12/04/2017For ConsiderationNot before 06/07/2017 FP/17/04/03
Review of the Asset Management Plan and the 2017/18 potential disposals programme29/03/2017For ConsiderationNot before 13/09/2017 Fp/17/03/11
Financial Outturn and Use of Balances 2016/1708/03/2017For Consideration30/06/2017 SWB/17/03/01
Health and Safety Update08/03/2017For Consideration30/06/2017 SWB/17/03/06
Risk Update08/03/2017For Consideration30/06/2017 SWB/17/03/05
Performance Outturn 2016/1708/03/2017For Consideration30/06/2017 SWB/17/03/04
Somerset Energy Innovation Centre Phase 2 Appointing a Construction Company13/03/2017For ConsiderationNot before 10/07/2017 FP/17/03/07
Review of HWRC Residents Permit Scheme27/02/2017For Consideration30/06/2017 SWB/17/03/07
Award of Contract for the provision of a 3 Classroom Block at Court Fields School, Wellington14/02/2017For ConsiderationNot before 17/07/2017 FP/17/02/01
Road Safety Strategy Update09/01/2017For Consideration27/09/2017 FP/16/05/02