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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from
Consultation on Amendments to Processing of Applications to Modify the Definitive Map ref: 115909/05/201909/05/2019
County Council Business Plan 2019+ ref: 115613/05/201913/05/2019
The Somerset Children and Young Peoples Plan 2019-2022 ref: 115713/05/201913/05/2019
Future Support Arrangements for Young Carers ref: 115513/05/201913/05/2019
Delivery of Specialist Projects ref: 115414/05/201921/05/2019
Local Government Ethical Standards ref: 109108/02/201908/02/2019
Forward Work Programme ref: 109208/02/201908/02/2019
Changes to Financial Regulations ref: 110308/02/201908/02/2019
Any other urgent items of business ref: 109008/02/201908/02/2019
Public Question Time ref: 108908/02/201908/02/2019
Minutes from the previous meeting - to follow ref: 105908/02/201908/02/2019
Declarations of Interest ref: 108608/02/201908/02/2019
Apologies for absence ref: 108508/02/201908/02/2019
Use of the DfE Special Provision Capital Fund Allocation ref: 115229/04/201908/05/2019
Framework for the delivery of Food Produce to SCC properties ref: 114507/05/201916/05/2019
Community Library Partnership - Street ref: 114324/04/201924/04/2019