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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from
Delegated Decision - Publication of new Children's Safeguarding Arrangements in Somerset ref: 124917/06/201917/06/2019
Improving Lives to Prevent Demand Fund - Slim My Waste Feed My Face ref: 124811/07/201911/07/2019
Recruitment of Director of Finance ref: 128110/07/201910/07/2019
To accept ERDF grant funding for the Bruton Enterprise Centre and sign the subsequent terms and conditions of finding agreements ref: 124010/07/201918/07/2019
Internal Audit Progress Report ref: 122820/06/201920/06/2019
Internal Audit Annual Opinion ref: 122720/06/201920/06/2019
Annual Governance Statement ref: 122520/06/201920/06/2019
Partial Audits and ORG0043 Risk Update ref: 122620/06/201920/06/2019
Draft Annual Audit Committee Report for Council ref: 122420/06/201920/06/2019
Debt Management Report ref: 122320/06/201920/06/2019
Value For Money Tracker ref: 122220/06/201920/06/2019
External Audit Progress report ref: 122120/06/201920/06/2019
Internal Partial Audits Update ref: 122020/06/201920/06/2019
Committee Future Workplan ref: 122920/06/201920/06/2019
Month 2 Revenue Budget Monitoring ref: 123908/07/201908/07/2019
MTFP Approach 2020 to 2023 ref: 123808/07/201908/07/2019
Treasury Management Outturn ref: 123708/07/201908/07/2019
Somerset Safeguarding Children Partnership Arrangements ref: 123608/07/201908/07/2019
SCC Response to the Environment Agency's Draft National Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy Consultation Document ref: 123504/07/201910/07/2019
Creation of New Academies ref: 123428/06/201906/07/2019
LGPS Pooling of Investments ref: 117507/06/201907/06/2019
2020 Meeting Dates ref: 118807/06/201907/06/2019
Exclusion of Press and Public ref: 119007/06/201907/06/2019
Policies and Statements ref: 118907/06/201907/06/2019
Review of Independent Investment Advisor ref: 119107/06/201907/06/2019
Cash Management Strategy ref: 118707/06/201907/06/2019
Resources Review, Budget Setting and Committee Objective Setting ref: 118607/06/201907/06/2019
Proposed Changes to LGPS Regulations ref: 118507/06/201907/06/2019
Voting and Engagement Report ref: 118407/06/201907/06/2019
Review of Pension Fund Risk Register ref: 118307/06/201907/06/2019
Budget and Membership Statistics Update ref: 118207/06/201907/06/2019
Business Plan Update ref: 118107/06/201907/06/2019
Review of Administrative Performance ref: 118007/06/201907/06/2019
Review of Investment Performance ref: 117907/06/201907/06/2019
Independent Investment Advisor's Report ref: 117807/06/201907/06/2019
Any other urgent items of business ref: 119207/06/201907/06/2019
Public Question Time ref: 117707/06/201907/06/2019
Minutes from the Previous Meeting ref: 117607/06/201907/06/2019
Declarations of Interest ref: 119307/06/201907/06/2019
Decision to award a contract for large passenger-carrying vehicles to operate on school contracts ref: 123224/06/201902/07/2019
Supply of new passenger transport vehicles for Transporting Somerset in-house Fleet for 2018/19 and 2019/20 requirements ref: 120714/06/201922/06/2019
Leader appointments to Junior Cabinet Member role, Somerset Waste Board and Outside Bodies ref: 120917/06/201917/06/2019