Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Award of contract for management operator services for Somerset Energy Innovation Centre Buildings 2 and 318/11/2019For ConsiderationNot before 02/03/2020 FP19/11/04
Decision to commence consultation on Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans.14/11/2019For ConsiderationBetween 06/01/2020 and 10/01/2020 FP19/11/04
Award of contract for management operator services for iAero Centre, Yeovil14/11/2019For ConsiderationNot before 22/06/2020 FP19/11/03
To approve the extension of the existing HPC Supply Chain & Nuclear South West Inward Investment Expertise Cross LEP Contract for which SCC is the accountable body11/11/2019For ConsiderationNot before 09/12/2019 FP19/11/02
Implementation of Street Works Permitting Scheme in Somerset06/11/2019For Consideration23/12/2019 FP19/11/01
Annual Budget 2020/2114/10/2019For Consideration14/02/2020 SWB/19/10/02
New Collection Contract Mobilisation Update14/10/2019For Consideration14/02/2020 SWB/19/10/01
Review of Scrutiny Function30/10/2019For Consideration18/12/2019 FP/19/10/22
Adoption of the International definition of Antisemitism29/10/2019For Consideration22/01/2020 FP/19/10/22
Revenue Budget Monitoring - Month 824/10/2019For Consideration22/01/2020 FP/19/10/20
Revenue Budget Monitoring - Month 724/10/2019For Consideration18/12/2019 FP/19/10/19
Q3 2019/20 capital investment programme update23/10/2019For Consideration10/02/2020 fp/19/10/18
Q3 2019/20 Revenue Budget update23/10/2019For Consideration10/02/2020 fp/19/10/17
Q3 2019/20 Performance Report23/10/2019For Consideration10/02/2020 fp/19/10/16
Capital Investment Programme 2020/21-2022/2323/10/2019For Consideration10/02/2020 FP/19/10/16
Treasury Management Strategy 2020/2123/10/2019For Consideration10/02/2020 FP/19/10/15
Medium Term Financial Plan 2020/21 - 2022/23 Revenue Budget23/10/2019For Consideration10/02/2020 FP/19/10/14
Investment Strategy23/10/2019For Consideration18/12/2019 FP/19/10/13
Admission Arrangements for Voluntary Controlled and Community Schools for 2021/2215/10/2019For Consideration22/01/2020 FP/19/10/10
To identify a sustainable long term location for a library in Shepton Mallet15/10/2019For ConsiderationNot before 16/12/2019 FP/19/10/12
Management of Risk Pathway documents; Strategy, Policy and Process15/10/2019For Consideration18/12/2019 FP/19/10/11
Approval to award the contract for the Provision of a Public Health Nursing Case Management & Information Management System14/10/2019For Consideration27/11/2019 FP19/10/09
Somerset Waste Partnership Business Plan07/10/2019For Consideration22/01/2020 FP/19/10/07
Annual Report of the Director of Public Health07/10/2019For Consideration18/12/2019 FP/19/10/05
Changes to sexual health targeted prevention services07/10/2019For ConsiderationNot before 16/12/2019 FP/19/10/04
Decision to conclude the award of a contract for the provision of highway improvements at Toneway Creech Castle junction.04/10/2019For Consideration10/02/2020 FP/19/10/02
Creation of New Academies in Somerset04/10/2019For Consideration02/12/2019 FP/19/10/01
Climate Change Strategy Framework25/09/2019For Consideration18/12/2019 FP/19/09/13
SCC Endorsement of the Heart of the South West Local Industrial Strategy17/09/2019For Consideration10/02/2020 FP/19/09/11
Decision to accept the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership Local Growth Fund Award towards the Creech Castle junction improvements (Toneway Corridor phase 1)10/09/2019For ConsiderationNot before 16/12/2019 FP/19/09/08
SCC Endorsement of the Heart of the South West Local Industrial Strategy03/09/2019For Consideration13/12/2019 FP19/09/05
Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS) Superfast Extension Programme (SEP) Phase 2: decision to introduce additional funding into the Lot 4 contract.12/08/2019For ConsiderationNot before 16/12/2019 FP19/08/01
Ensuring homes are built with waste in mind29/07/2019For Consideration06/12/2019 SWB/19/07/05
Revisions to the Inter-Authority Agreement29/07/2019For Consideration06/12/2019 SWB/19/07/04
Slim my waste, feed my face food waste campaign29/07/2019For Consideration06/12/2019 SWB/19/07/03
Sale of Morgan House site, Bridgwater, including former library office.31/07/2019For ConsiderationNot before 16/12/2019 FP19/07/14
Revision of Corporate Complaints Policy30/07/2019For ConsiderationNot before 16/12/2019 FP/19/07/13
Approval of Somerset Youth Justice Plan 2018/1930/07/2019For Consideration16/12/2019 FP/19/07/11
Sale of The Court and Popham House property, Wellington23/07/2019For ConsiderationNot before 16/12/2019 FP19/07/07
Creation of New Academies in Somerset22/07/2019For Consideration16/12/2019 FP/19/07/06
Implementation of New Street Works Permitting System16/07/2019For Consideration16/12/2019 FP/19/07/03
Approval to submit the full application for European Social Funding, under Priority Axis 1 - Inclusive Labour Markets (1.2)14/06/2019For Consideration16/12/2019 FP/19/06/02
Decision to appoint a contractor from a framework for the delivery of the Bruton Enterprise Centre29/04/2019For ConsiderationNot before 16/12/2019 FP/19/04/13
New collection contract mobilisation update03/04/2019For Consideration06/12/2019 SWB/19/04/08
Somerset Waste Partnership Draft Business Plan 2020-202503/04/2019For Consideration06/12/2019 SWB/19/04/07
Performance Monitoring Report Q2 2019/2003/04/2019For Consideration06/12/2019 SWB/19/04/06
Updated draft budget for 2020/21 and Finance Update Report for Q2 2019/2003/04/2019For Consideration06/12/2019 SWB/19/04/05
Somerset Energy Innovation Centre (Phase 3) - acceptance of Growth Deal 3 Funding26/03/2019For ConsiderationNot before 09/12/2019 FP/19/03/03
Bridgwater College Academy Expansion - Funding05/02/2019For ConsiderationNot before 16/12/2019 FP/10/01/11
Decision to approve revisions to the Connecting Devon and Somerset phase 2 deployment contracts20/11/2018For ConsiderationNot before 16/12/2019 FP/18/11/10
Procurement of the HotSW Growth Hub Service30/04/2018For ConsiderationNot before 16/12/2019 FP/18/04/06