Issue - decisions

Annual Budget 2019/20

15/02/2019 - Financial Performance Update 2018/2019 and Final Budget 2019/2020


The Board RESOLVED unanimously, having considered this report, to:

1.    note the summary financial performance to date as contained in this report, and how this will impact on the budgetary requirements for 2019/2020;

2.    agree to add any remaining vehicle lease budgets to the Recycle More earmarked reserve, towards the costs of delivering the project (paragraph 2.2 below);

3.    approved the waste disposal savings set out in paragraph 3.2 of this report;

4.    approved the attached Final Annual Budget for 2019/20 (totalling £46,243,485) as set out in Appendix 1;

5.    approved that the Managing Director negotiate any final requirements with the relevant contractors in accordance with this Annual Budget Report.




As set out in the officer report.



As set out in the officer report.