Committee details

SACRE (Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education)

Purpose of committee

Group A: Christian and other religious representation

Rhona Burfield

Eleanor Delaney

Mark Caney

Pat Ebdon

Mike Keogh

Leonard Daniels


Group B: Church of England

Pauline Dodds

Jessica Witchell

Penny Jerrard

Jude Clements


Group C: Education representation

Rachelle Billington

Peter Elliot

Mark Lockwood

Niel Apps


Group D: Local authority representation

Cllr Sarah Wakefield

Cllr Frances Nicholson

Cllr Tim Kerley

Amelia Walker

Alison Jeffrey

Kate Daunton


Co-opted member:

Bernardo Kerr


Additional attendees without voting rights:

Shell Sullivan

Rebekah Guy


  • Niel Apps   
  • Rachelle Billington   
  • Rhona Burfield   
  • Mark Caney   
  • Jude Clements   
  • Leonard Daniels   
  • Eleanor Delaney   
  • Pauline Dodds   
  • Pat Ebdon   
  • Peter Elliott   
  • Penny Jerrard   
  • Mike Keogh   
  • Councillor Tim Kerley   
  • Bernardo Kerr   
  • Mary Lockwood   
  • Councillor Frances Nicholson   
  • Shell Sullivan   
  • Councillor Sarah Wakefield   
  • Jessica Witchell