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Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 - Section 53, Schedule 14 Application to Upgrade Part of Footpath CH 7/39 to a Restricted Byway, and Add Restricted Byways in the Parishes of Combe St Nicholas and Broadway 630M, 632M and 633M Application to Vary the Particulars of Part of CH7/39, 862M


The Committee RESOLVED


(a)    that the applications to upgrade the record for part of CH 7/39 between A and B to a restricted byway, and to add application route 632M between B and C, application route 633M between F and H and application route 630M between D and N as restricted byways, as shown on Appendix 1 be refused


(b)    that


(i)                  an order be made, the effect of which will be to vary the particulars of the Definitive Statement to record that part of Footpath CH 7/39 between A and B as having a width of 4.87 metres ad to record a gate at point B where the footpath leaves Hamway Lane

(ii)                 if there are no unwithdrawn objections to such an order it be confirmed

(iii)               if objections are maintained to such an order, it be submitted to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.


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