Agenda item

Scrutiny Work Programme

To discuss any items for the forthcoming work programme. To assist the discussion, the following documents are attached:

a) – The Cabinet’s latest published forward plan;

b) – Current Work Programme for the Committee;

c) – Outcome Tracker.


The Committee Chair introduced the reports that make up the work programme agenda item and the importance the Committee should attach to planning its future work.


The Committee then considered and noted the Cabinet’s Forward Plan of proposed key decisions in forthcoming months.


The Committee considered and agreed its own work programme and the future agenda items listed. It was noted that the CYPP would be re-considered at the January meeting.


In addition, it was agreed that the Chair and Vice Chair would hold a meeting to discuss future agenda items.


Attention turned to the Tracker and it was agreed to send each tracked item to the named officer to ensure that the Tracker was brought up-to-date.



Supporting documents: