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Heart of the South West Joint Committee

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Information about Heart of the South West Joint Committee

The Joint Committee has its own website giving details of its functions, latest news, membership and publications –


Legal status:


The HotSW Joint Committee is a Joint Committee of the local authorities listed below that comprise the HotSW area and established under Sections 101 to 103 of the Local Government Act 1972 and all other enabling legislation to undertake the functions detailed below.


Key purpose: 


The key purpose of the Joint Committee is to be the vehicle through which the HotSW partners will ensure that the desired increase in productivity across the area is achieved.  


Aims and objectives:  


The Committee is a single strategic public sector partnership providing cohesive, coherent leadership and governance to ensure delivery of the Productivity Strategy for the HotSW area.  The specific objectives of the Joint Committee are to:


-        Improve the economy and the prospects for the region by bringing together the public, private and education sectors;

-        Increase our understanding of the economy and what needs to be done to make it stronger;

-        Improve the efficiency and productivity of the public sector;

-        Identify and remove barriers to progress and maximise the opportunities /benefits available to the area from current and future government policy.