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Somerset Health and Wellbeing Board

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Information about Somerset Health and Wellbeing Board

The board brings together people who plan and commission (buy) services from health and social care, children services, locally elected councillors and draws in the views of patients and the public via a local organisation called Healthwatch.


With increasing pressures on public finances, it is the job of the board to work together to plan services that meet the needs of local people, while achieving best value for money.


They look at the evidence of what works best to help target plans and resources.They look at people's health and social care needs together, as well as taking into account the bigger picture - things like transport, housing, jobs and leisure - so that services truly help people stay healthy and independent.


The Somerset Health & Wellbeing Board has developed a Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Somerset, which has been agreed by both Somerset County Council and the Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group. The strategy can be found in the links below.


Information and Resources


Health and Wellbeing Strategy


Health and Wellbeing Constitution


The Board reports as necessary to Council and Cabinet.