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Scrutiny for Policies and Place Committee

This page lists the meetings for Scrutiny for Policies and Place Committee.

Information about Scrutiny for Policies and Place Committee

The Council’s Scrutiny Committees fulfil the statutory “overview and scrutiny” functions of the Council, to influence the decision makers and drive improvement in public services in Somerset. The Committees have no decision-making powers but provide a strategic oversight of council services.


Functional areas that are the responsibility of this Committee are as follows:

  • Environment & Countryside (and appointment of members to the Joint Waste Scrutiny Panel with the district councils)
  • Planning
  • Sustainability & Carbon Reduction
  • The Economy
  • Transport
  • Highways
  • Trading Standards
  • Infrastructure and infrastructure projects
  • Flooding & Water Management
  • Cultural Services (eg, Libraries, Heritage)
  • Corporate services (eg, ICT, Asset Strategy, Customers and Communities, Change Programme).