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County Council

This page lists the meetings for County Council.

Information about County Council

The full County Council has four scheduled public meetings each year. Its main purpose is to agree a budget and policy framework within which the Leader of Council and his Cabinet operate and council services are provided.


Below are some of the specific functions of the County Council - a full list and further details can be found in Somerset County Council's Constitution.


·         Determining the policy framework for the Council

·         Approval of the Council's budget and Council Tax requirement

·         Appointing the Leader of Council and Committees/Sub-Committees of the Council and appointing members with special responsibilities

·         Approving the Council's Constitution and meetings calendar

·         The appointment of the Chief Executive

·         A range of other functions, which by law, cannot be the responsibility of the Executive, e.g. regulatory


Please note - County Council Meetings are held in the Council Chamber, Shire Hall. The Council Chamber has a maximum capacity of 100 people, and this cannot be exceeded. There are approximately 20 - 25 public seating spaces. If numbers attending exceed capacity then priority will be given to those who have registered to speak at Public Question Time and thereafter admittance will be on a first come, first served basis.


For further information about County Council meetings contact Julia Jones or Jamie Jackson on 01823 357628 or 01823 359500