Agenda and decisions

Regulation Committee
Thursday 5th October 2017 2.00 pm

Venue: Luttrell Room - County Hall, Taunton. View directions

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Declarations of Interest


Public Question Time

The Chairman will allow members of the public to present a petition on any matter within the Committee’s remit. Questions or statements about the matters on the agenda for this meeting will be taken at the time when the matter is considered and after the Case Officers have made their presentations. Each speaker will be allocated 3 minutes. The length of public question time will be no more than 30 minutes.



Accuracy of the Minutes of the meeting held on 20 July 2017 pdf icon PDF 56 KB

The Committee will consider the accuracy of the attached minutes.


Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 - Section 53 Schedule 14 - Application to add a footpath from Upper Breach to Bath Road, in the Parish of St Cuthbert Out pdf icon PDF 216 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee resolved in respect of application number 704Mthat:


i.      An Order be made, the effect of which would be to add to the Definitive Map and Statement of Public Rights of Way a public footpath between Upper Breach and Bath Road, in the parish of St Cuthbert Out (shown A-B on plan H003-2017).

ii.     If there are no objections to such an order, or if any objections which are made are subsequently withdrawn, it be confirmed

iii.   if objections are maintained to such an order, it will be submitted to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for confirmation



Request to take an application for a definitive map modification order out of turn: Claimed public footpath to the north of Blue Anchor Chalets pdf icon PDF 425 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee resolved that in respect of the out of turn request in relation to the application to modify the definitive map by adding a footpath at Blue Anchor (848M) it:


i.    fails to meet the ‘out of turn’ criteria set out in the County Council’s Statement of Priorities;

ii.   does not demonstrate exceptional circumstances which justify the application being taken out of turn; and

iii.             should therefore be refused.



Any Other Business of Urgency

The Chairman may raise any items of urgent business.