Meeting documents

SCC Somerset Health and Wellbeing Board & Integrated Care Partnership
Monday, 13th June, 2022 11.00 am

  • Meeting of Somerset Health and Wellbeing Board & Integrated Care Partnership, Monday 13th June 2022 11.00 am (Item 37.)

To discuss any items for the work programme. To assist the discussion, attached is the Board’s current work programme.



Lou Woolway, Deputy Director of Public Health, stated that as the relationship between the HWBB and the ICP is developed, there will be a need to raise other topic and return to holding workshops.  She asked to be kept posted on these matters.


When asked if there were any suggested topics for the Work Programme, Cllr Keen requested that information be provided on outpatient access.  She suggested, with respect to mental health services’ outpatient access and particularly those patients who are already in the system with a diagnosis, that having an urgent outpatient appointment is critical, especially for those with a diagnosis of depression and/or anxiety.  It was also queried if there had been a final report regarding the ongoing programme of improvements for Children’s Services, i.e., SEND; Julian Wooster, Director of Children’s Services, stated that there had been a final visit from DfE, but work was ongoing as the national SEND system needed improvement.  Trudi Grant advised that it had been agreed at the last meeting to run a development session on the topic.


The Somerset Health and Wellbeing Board noted the Work Programme and agreed to run a development session/workshop in July regarding levelling up for the SEND system.


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