Meeting documents

SCC Somerset Health and Wellbeing Board & Integrated Care Partnership
Monday, 21st March, 2022 11.00 am

  • Meeting of Somerset Health and Wellbeing Board & Integrated Care Partnership, Monday 21st March 2022 11.00 am (Item 25.)

To receive and consider the report.


Andrew Lloyd, Health Promotion Manager for SCC, and Claire Tough, Director of Neighbourhoods of Homes in Sedgemoor, presented the report, which provides an update for HWBB on the progress of their initiatives.  The HRB, which was established in April 2021, has been monitoring progress with the Better Futures programme action plan, which covers six themes:

·         Early help and prevention

·         Commissioning homes and support

·         Appropriate use of short-term supported accommodation

·         Access to permanent homes

·         Sustainable tenancies

·         Leadership, learning and governance


These items are further discussed in the report.  As regards health support, the HRB has delivered Covid vaccinations to the wider homeless cohort in Somerset, has introduced the Homeless Nursing Team pilot, is preparing a bid to pilot a bespoke dentistry offer, is attempting to improve access to palliative care and clinical psychology, is working on a dual diagnosis strategy together with the Foundation Trust’s mental health directorate, and is adhering to the Improving Lives priorities and outcomes regarding improved health and wellbeing and fairer life chances for all.

The Chair thanked the presenters and welcomed the exceptionally good work done in a short time, then asked for questions and comments.  The Director of Public Health agreed that she was delighted to see so much progress in a year and the funding that they had attracted; she opined that Andrew Lloyd and his associates had done sterling work.   Cllr Keen also applauded their work and pointed out that the work does not end with the placement in housing of the homeless; it requires ongoing support to avoid that these persons relapse and to ensure that they integrate into the community, which will require a great deal of funding and man hours.  Cllr Lawrence said it was an excellent report and wanted to emphasise that the current affordability, or lack thereof, of rentals can be crippling for young families.  It was responded that the HRB is working with planners and developers for suitable accommodation for everyone, including larger families; and as for the compliments for their work, they are very grateful for the contributions of everyone involved.  Cllr Wyke noted that private landlords are now escalating rents excessively in order to ‘evict’ tenants without actually going through eviction proceedings; she asked if the Council has a plan to deal with this.  It was responded that this was a broader question outside the remit of the Board, but Claire Tough will follow up on the question.


The Advisory Somerset Health and Wellbeing Board received the update on the work of the Homelessness Reduction Board and encouraged members to contribute positively to the Better Futures agenda.


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