Meeting documents

SCC Somerset Health and Wellbeing Board & Integrated Care Partnership
Monday, 17th January, 2022 11.00 am

  • Meeting of Somerset Health and Wellbeing Board & Integrated Care Partnership, Monday 17th January 2022 11.00 am (Item 16.)

To receive the verbal update.


James Rimmer, Chief Executive-NHS Somerset CCG, provided the update, noting that there will be a full update next month with the involvement of Paul von der Heyde, Somerset ICS Chair and NHS Somerset ICB Chair Designate, and Jonathan Higman, NHS Somerset ICB Chief Executive Designate.  He stated that the key item to note is that there has been a delay nationally in the start of the ICB/ICP, which was due to begin on 1st April but will now begin on 1st July.  The ICS and its current arrangements will continue until then.  In the meantime, the aim is to work together across all aspects of health and care in Somerset; they are still working in the background on the common agenda and the governance arrangements.


The ICS Chair acknowledged that they were proceeding with a gradual handover; the ICS Board’s work is ongoing and will become increasingly active, with their next meeting taking place in mid-February.  The ICB Chief Executive Designate pointed out the importance of determining how the ICP will function; the situation in Somerset is not as complex as in other place, but prevention and methods of measurement are key.  The Improving Lives strategy needs to be a focus, and they will be working with the CCG over the next few months, making these exciting times.  The Chair said that change can be unsettling but encouraging.


The Director of Children’s Services declared that, at some stage, it needs to be understood how safeguarding will fit in with the ICB/ICP, and he asked if discussions are ongoing nationally and/or locally.  The ICB Chief Executive Designate replied that they will be working hard to ensure that the transfer from ICS has no negative effects and that joint working is strengthened.  He said that he will be happy to discuss this separately with the Director of Children’s Services.


The Board thanked the presenters for their update.


The Somerset Health and Wellbeing Board received and noted the verbal update.