Meeting documents

SCC Scrutiny for Policies, Children and Families Committee
Monday, 3rd October, 2022 1.00 pm

  • Meeting of Scrutiny for Policies, Children and Families Committee, Monday 3rd October 2022 1.00 pm (Item 4.)

To receive an update from the Governance Manager. To assist the discussion, the following documents are attached:

(a)  The Committee’s Work Programme

(b)  The Committee’s Outcome Tracker


Please use the following link to view the latest Executive Forward Plan of planned key decisions that have been published on the Council’s website

Executive Forward Plan of Key Decisions


The Committee considered and noted the Committee’s current work programme and outcome tracker and the Executive’s Forward Plan of planned key decisions in coming months.


It was agreed that: -


·         The progress on Ofsted inspection action plan – would be detailed report and debate at the November meeting

·         The detailed 2022 Key Stage assessment results for Somerset – add to January 2023 meeting

·         The work plan and outcome tracker be updated.


In response to a query from Cllr Hunt about support for Ukrainian families and signposting, members were advised to contact B Strange, in the Public Heath Team.

Supporting documents: